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A note about Nutrition Navigator

This web site is not currently conducting new review of nutrition web sites. However, the reviews and ratings contained on these pages still remain of value when taken in the context in which they were originally written. Visitors are advised to pay attention to the date of our review and use the information on this site accordingly.

The Tufts University Nutrition Navigator was the first online rating and review guide that solved the two major problems Web users had when seeking nutrition information: how to quickly find information best suited to their needs and whether to trust the information they found. The Tufts University Nutrition Navigator was designed to help visitors sort through the large volume of nutrition information on the Internet and find accurate, useful nutrition information you can trust.

Websites were reviewed by Tufts nutritionists, who applied rating and evaluation criteria developed by the Tufts University Nutrition Navigator Advisory Board, a prestigious panel of leading U.S. and Canadian nutrition experts.

The Tufts University Nutrition Navigator was developed by the Tufts University Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, one of the most respected academic centers of nutrition excellence in the world. The initial project was underwritten by a grant from Kraft Foods, Inc.

The Friedman School is engaged in creating a virtual Community of Practice that will be a meeting place and repository for the stewardship of nutrition knowledge. Please enter your email address in the space provided to add your name to our email list so we may inform you of opportunities to participate and learn with the Friedman School.